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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Topless women target Putin in protest

Topless women protesters in Germany have shouted at Russian president Vladimir Putin as he toured a trade fair in Germany.

Three women bared their breasts and shouted "dictator" before being quickly bundled away by security officers.

Mr Putin, who was at the event in Hannover with German Chancellor Angel Merkel, spoke about the incident at news conference:

Margaret Thatcher How Iron Lady changed Britain forever

Baroness Thatcher, who has died aged 87, presided over one of the greatest transformations of the nation's economy as prime minister.

The woman born as Margaret Hilda Roberts went on to change the face of Britain, altering the balance of the economy in favour of privatisation and lower taxes.

However, Mrs Thatcher tapped into public resentment about the power of the unions, and many remain upset about the impact this had on their livelihoods.

Thatcher In her own words

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